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I am a creative but critical thinker who loves technologies because of their ability to potentially to enhance the quality of life. My passion is to grow from being a user to becoming an inventor of technologies with innovative ideas that will ultimately make life funner and more efficient for all.

iPad 2 user interface expected to be 6 – 9 times smoother than Xoom’s Honeycomb, sells one million units per week.

The current iPad’s UI (User Interface – the speed and fluidity of its touch responses, including zoom, pinches, page flips, and flicks) is about 2 –  3 more responsive than Xoom’s Honeycomb operating system (Droid 3.0).  Yet, Xoom has about 2 … Continue reading

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Xoom is Doom

One day after the Xoom is officially released, there are already numerous reviews out in the web hyping the device with glowing specs.  Video reviews are even more convincing that iPad finally has a real contender competing in the tablet … Continue reading

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